Executive Coaching

My experience has shown that the most talented people I know in both business and sport, have each had a person of influence that could help take them where they could not take themselves. In sports, we call that individual a “coach.” In business, and now in life, we are calling that individual an “executive coach.”

I am committed to helping you maximize your talent and productivity, reach your dreams and improve performance. It doesn’t matter what business or field you are in, I have experience working with clients in almost every area of technology, education, sales, marketing and entertainment. For years I have worked with high performance sales executives, managers, senior level executives, CEO’s, owners, college and professional sports coaches, professional athletes, best-selling authors and top professional speakers.

You will be coached by Gallup’s only professional coach in the world to be certified as a “Master Strengths Coach.” I begin the process of our executive coaching relationship by conducting a StrengthsFinder assessment. This will provide me with the sequence of your 34 strengths, in order. From there, I will coach you on your unique strengths and teach you how to use them. My insight into areas of leadership, team building, culture, performance and motivation will make you more effective and help you take yourself and your team/business to the next level.

The key to my executive coaching is the same as if I were coaching a basketball team: you must coach each player differently! I will customize each session based on your specific needs, time and objectives you are trying to reach. First we must develop your game plan, then I will conduct an individualized practice and skill development sessions based on your unique talents and strengths, provide truthful feedback and work together to achieve your desired outcomes over an extended period of time.

All executive coaching is CONFIDENTIAL and done on a one-to-one basis. We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions, but presently have clients that I’ve worked with for up to 15 years because their business keeps growing on a yearly basis. Many of my clients have their respective companies pay for the service and view it as an investment into the professional development of one of their companies’ key assets.

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